I wish

“I wish I was talented. Like, really good at something. Something cool, like flying an airplane. How cool would it be if I could fly a fucking airplane? I’d be rich too, of course. And pretty. Not beautiful pretty; interesting pretty."

"I think you're pretty..."

"I’d have freckles and dark eyebrows and my eyes would be green. Or blue. I’m not sure. And I wish I could just run outside and scream. Really scream, you know? Just run and scream in the rain. Yeah, it would be raining, I think. Or it would be pretty damn close to raining, at least. And the neighbors would look at me funny, because, shit, the girl is mad, but it would be cool, you know? I’d want them to think that about me for once.”

“I don’t think you achieve all those things just by wishing them, Posey.”

“And I wish I was happy.”

”You’re not happy?”

”I wish I was happy. And if I was, I’d make jokes and give hugs and make everyone else happy too. That’s what I wish.”

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